Project Mia

The Background

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Michaela and Ewen have written a series of children’s books about environmental themes, taking a different perspective than usual. Their characters – Alphi and his friends which are stars and constellations, encourage children to make small gestures that will have a positive impact on the environment. Learn more about the Alphi series at

Proceeds from the sale of the Alphi series are donated to Twinkle to help finance Project Mia

Why Project Mia ?

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Based on discussions with a teenager at the end of his life, they decided to use the characters of the “Alphi Saves the…” series to provide a perspective on the many questions about “the after”, which he found difficult to discuss with his parents. This book, entitled "Alphi and the Star Factory" has been validated by pediatric palliative care pyschologists. The book can be used as a support by care workers, parents and others involved.  

Our Role

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Funding from Twinkle enables the production and free distribution of "Alphi and the Star Factory" to children’s palliative care centers around the world. How can you support Twinkle and Project Mia?  

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